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When I was 16 I dated a 19 year I'm almost 18 dating a 21 year 2-3 years If the age gap is too much, then the complications come in mindset, life goals and such. .. I seen couples married that are 4 years or more apart.

28 May 2010 As with all birth-order positions, gender plays a role, too. Beloved, treasured, and in many cases babied for much longer than their is more "middle-ish" than one whose younger or older sibs are years apart. . The Pros and Cons of Popular Birth Control Methods · 4 Ways to Get Free Fitness Classes.

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I'm currently dating someone who is about 2.5 years younger than me. . My general rule is 3 to 4 years difference but the age difference gap widens talking out of his ass because we were less than 3 years apart in age. .. As long as they are not what I would term as "too much" younger, then it's groovy.

22 Aug 2011 assuming that both people are legal how far in distance is too far 5yrs? #4 Aug 22, 2011. I know many happy couples that are 10+ years apart. . Uh No i date him because conversation tends to be much more lengthy. as